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Certificate Course in Advanced Macroeconomics

Certificate Course in Advanced Macroeconomics

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Is this training course right for you?

Yes, if you:

  • Are a dealer in a corporate / bank treasury looking to form a core view on an asset class
  • Are a wealth manager in a mutual fund/hedge fund following a top-down investment approach
  • Are a student looking to make a career in investment management

What will you gain from this course?

The objective of this course is to help participants form a core fundamental view on the asset classes. The primary trend in asset classes is driven by the economic cycle/business cycle. It is important to understand the aggregate demand in the economy, Output gap, Capacity utilization, credit off take, Capex cycle / Gross fixed capital formation (Business Fixed Investment), banking system liquidity, inflation etc. Knowing these factors would help form a view on the future monetary policy and fiscal policy responses and thereby help you position accordingly.

Course Coverage:

  • Which domestic and global data to track, the source and frequency of the data and how to interpret the data.
  • How to deep dive into the important constituents of the data.
  • Understanding economic cycles and adjusting data for seasonality
  • Identifying which data is to be given more weightage in which part of the economic cycle.
  • Fiscal and monetary policy response to evolving fundamentals.

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