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Service Offerings

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What is Dollar Rupee Quant Based Managed Account?

What is Dollar Rupee Quant Based Managed Account?

Our Forex managed account services give investors a unique opportunity to participate in an entirely new asset class besides the conventional ones i.e. equity, debt and commodities. The client entrusts IFA with managing its proprietary trading book. IFA initiates trades in exchange traded currency derivatives based on the signals generated by its proprietary techno-fundamental model.

Why Currency as an asset class? What is its USP?

Why Currency as an asset class? What is its USP?

Currency is likely to evolve as an asset class as we move towards liberalization and greater convertibility and is therefore likely to offer exciting opportunities. Currency is one of the most liquid asset classes and is a barometer for the prevailing risk sentiment. Volumes and Open Interest in exchange traded currency derivatives have been increasing. The regulator is committed to developing the exchange traded currency derivatives segment. Besides month end expiries, we now have options with weekly expiries. This gives greater flexibility in terms of executing various option strategies. Going forward, the participation, depth and liquidity in FX markets in India is only likely to increase.



IFA executes directional, carry and vol trading strategies in clients’ accounts using IFA’s proprietary quant-based model. This model has been subjected to rigorous back testing. The model is used to forecast volatility based on how realized volatility has been in relation to implied volatility over the trailing periods. It gives a sense of whether to execute a directional strategy or a carry strategy. This model complements IFA’s techno-fundamental model that gives a short, medium and long-term bias for the Rupee. The model incorporates factors that have been found to be statistically significant for the Rupee. The idea is to limit human involvement to the extent possible so as to prevent behavioral biases from creeping in. These models are not static and have built in AI i.e. the model evolves itself by incorporating new data that comes in.

Who can invest?

Who can invest?

IFA caters Forex managed account services to HNI’s, NRI’s and corporates.

Reporting and Risk Management

Reporting and Risk Management

Various Risk limits have been established. These risk limits are monitored on a continuous basis and are strictly adhered to. Leverage is regulated so as to stay within the VaR limit. A worst-case scenario (WCS) analysis is conducted on the portfolio to get a sense of the maximum drawdown. 

The performance of the managed account is reported to the client on a daily basis in a standardized format.



IFA’s Rupee Opportunities Fund transacts on exchange traded Futures & Options segment. The profit/loss generated is taxable as per the provisions of section 43(5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

If you have any questions regarding forex managed account services in India or regarding our financial consultancy services and treasury management solutions, please contact:[email protected]

Performance of the Fund

ROI Calculator

Investment Amount (in Rs.):

10 Lac

Investment Period:

1 month (s) ago

Total Return Amount 0

Value of Managed Account (Rs. in Crores)

Returns as on 31 Dec 2020


Net Returns







Drawdown as on 31 Dec 2020

Dec 2020




Max Overnight Risk

2% of Capital

Abbreviations : MTD: Month-To-Date; YTD: Year-To-Date; ITD: Inception-To-Date

Disclaimer : Subscribers should not circulate this publication to members of the public, as sales of the products mentioned may not be eligible or suitable for general sale. The purpose of this communiqué is solely to provide general information about Currency Managed Account and the investment vehicles which it manages / operates. It is not intended as an invitation or offer to enter into any agreement or investment of any kind. Trading in foreign exchange is speculative and may involve the loss of principal; therefore, funds placed under management should be risk capital funds that if lost will notsignificantly affect one’s personal financial wellbeing. They are intended for sophisticated investors and are not suitable for everyone. Any figures and statements of investment techniques andstrategies are considered to be reliable at the time of writing, but no warranty as to the accuracy, and reliability or completeness in respect of any error or omission is accepted. They may be subject tochange without reference or notification to you. All investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of Currency Managed Account carefully before investing.

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Client Testimonials

We are thankful to all clients who have given us the opportunity to showcase our abilities in the field of treasury management. We are delighted to continue being a part of their treasury transformation journeys. This is what some of our clients had to say about our Services, our team, our culture and about their association with IFA in general.

Mr. Vijay Agarwal

- Chairman, Creative Textile Mills Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

We have been associated with IFA Global for 4 years now. I can only tell that they have taken away a lot of my burden from foreign exchange. Previously, whenever I used to do; half of my time would go into analysing whether the market will go up or down. Now I am free, these guys are taking care of it very well. Transparent, Honest and Hard Working, can’t get better than this.


Mr. Vanjinath

- Managing Director, Cotton Concepts Pvt Ltd , Coimbatore

I have been associated with IFA Global for few years and have got great service so far. I am filled with a lot of information which helps me in the industry. The team has been professional and helped me in every single bit to understand how the market works. Especially when we deal with our own business, we do not understand the nuances of how the forex market works. The team has really broken down every single thing that is required when it comes to how the market performs or how we could utilise the benefits of forex in our business.

Right from bringing down my bank interest rates to negotiating with banks in terms of all conversions & rates; everywhere they have given me benefits in business. And, that is where I see them add value. I would recommend IFA Global for all their support.


Mr. Senthil Kumar

- Chairman, BKS Textiles Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore

Since the last few years, frankly speaking we have forgotten what we are supposed to do about our foreign currency transactions. We have left everything to IFA Global. We are comfortable and can devote our time to other things. We also feel by large we have made reasonable profits on FX transactions. Service wise, it has been a very good experience. Without asking, we have received the right advice at the right time so that we can remain in our business as competitive as we can. Happy with their services and would like to add & avail more services like Treasury Audit etc.


Mr. Shailesh  Shah

- Executive Director, Sonic Biochem Extractions Ltd, Indore

We have been associated with IFA Global for more than 5 years. We are exporters and happy to inform that every morning we talk on business and we are able to make good decisions on Forex. We have good relationship with the firm and the people of the firm. Able to discuss and share our business as well as personal issues. People in the firm are excellent at large.


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Past Views

Past Views

When it comes to FX, IFA’s views are one of the most sought after by print as well as electronic media. IFA is known for having called the big moves correctly in USD/INR more often than not.

Our Research Coverage

Our Research Coverage

The Academy is our endeavor to create an ecosystem that fosters learning and knowledge sharing within the treasury community. It is an ideal platform to upgrade one’s skills and learn the intricacies of treasury management from experienced industry professionals.

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Treasury Elite

Treasury Elite (TE) is a not-for-profit forum conceptualized exclusively for entrepreneurs, treasury and finance professionals to facilitate sharing of knowledge and information pertaining to every aspect of treasury management.

Services FAQs

We have a proprietary trading model based on back tested data using algorithms. The model inculcates options analysis, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, flows data etc. The model generates an automatic entry and exit strategy using predefined risk parameters. We do not give independent trading ideas since our focus is more on money management rather than accuracy on trading calls. A lot of HNI's and promoter's personal wealth is invested through us. Please connect with our trading desk to know more.

Currently, the market hours for forex trading is 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

Different strategies work well under different market scenarios. Therefore, it is important for a trader to be nimble and select an appropriate strategy based on his or her outlook. More than the strategy and view, we focus on risk management and leverage. Our strategies are well-defined based on our proprietary IFA Sentiment Index and our USDINR & Nifty model. 80% of our decisions are non-discretionary and based on our back tested model. 

Discount brokers are cost effective for forex trading.

For trading, we usually prefer a discount broker to save huge brokerage costs. For hedging, we recommend a full service broker. We can introduce you to few of them based on your needs and requirements.